Current accents in the modern kitchen

modern kitchen

We change our kitchen only a few times in a lifetime, so when we decide to furnish and organize it, we need to consider some things like layout and style, comfort level, color. We must be 100% confident in what we do because correcting mistakes later will cost us a lot of money. The choice is not easy, as there are many options, and every day we are flooded with new design solutions for kitchens with a unique vision.

Today we offer several important points that you can follow to have a modern kitchen.

Combine new trends with your own style

We all know when you choose the material for your kitchen, as well as the colors that will prevail, you will be influenced by what is fashionable at the moment. It is normal to find inspiration in the latest trends, but still give freedom to your feelings, needs, tastes, and how you want to harmonize kitchen furniture with the rest of your home.

  • Kitchens are increasingly becoming part of the living room. You have to think about creating a large multifunctional room in which you will spend most of your time at home.
  • Convenience and comfort should be crucial in your choice.
  • The most universal formula is to comply with current trends, but not to be completely influenced by them. Of course, if you do not have the desire to change the design of the kitchen after 4-5 years.

Bet on natural materials and their imitations

What should be a modern kitchen?

  • Recently, the top trend is the natural style.
  • Natural materials – wood, stone, marble, as well as their true imitations win the trust of the repairman.
  • The colors are mostly gray and darker tones, combined with warmer shades of wood.
  • The popularity of connecting the kitchen to the dining room or living room and separating them into large open spaces will obviously continue for a long time, given the convenience provided by this concept.
In modern design solutions for this space are often used a combination of wood decor and dark material with a strong sheen. Click To Tweet

Modern kitchen? It looks like a living room and has no top cabinets

Have you ever considered a kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen at all? 

Maybe you will like this exceptional solution and it will be an inspiration for you. The concept of cabinets below with cabinets on the top is no longer quoted in design circles. But high gloss kitchen cabinets are not a bad option.

Lucente Handleless High Gloss Porcelain Kitchen Door

The Lucente  handleless High gloss Collection is an ultramodern selection, available in 9 colours. The Covering Material  is  Polyurethane paint over a polyester primer. 

The tendency is more to be those who completely abandon the upper cabinets in the kitchen and replace this main storage space with large open shelves on the side walls … Or just with whole tall cabinets. Metal and wooden shelves, which bring fashion, are a perfect solution.

The combination of white wood and greenery is widely used, and houseplants and herbs are widely. 

One of the latest hits in kitchen furniture is glossy surfaces. You can combine white high gloss kitchen doors and high gloss kitchen cabinets.

If you are still wondering about the tones and materials, do not forget that the decor and colors of the wood are modern and their popularity continues to grow. When choosing this line, you will not make a mistake.

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