Create A Country Style Kitchen – No Matter Where You Live!

Create a Country Style Kitchen

Even for the most hardcore of city dwellers, there is no denying that there is something very special about country living. Fresh air, open space, and plenty of green are appealing to all of us, and add a wholesome feel which can be tricky to ignore. The good news is that you can embrace the country chic no matter where you are – read on to learn how to create a country style kitchen – even in the middle of the city.

Be clever with colour

A country kitchen needs stunning, country colours, so try and opt for nature shades such as greens, browns and whites. Brighter colours can fit in perfectly with a country aesthetic, but the trick is to be smart with your placement; use brighter shades as accents or feature pieces, rather than making them the focus of the entire room.

Plenty of pattern

When we think of the country, most of us will turn to thoughts of delicate tweed and bold plaid, and there is no denying that including these is great for the country vibe. You can also enjoy gentle florals and delicate stripes, as well as woodland or farm animals as decorations and features – patterns will really help you to recreate that countryside aesthetic, and the kitchen is the perfect place for tweed linen, pig-themed oven gloves, and even a woodland patterned cushion or two!

Avoid too much modern

One of the key aspects to achieving a countryside vision is to avoid anything too overly modern. While we do not recommend you start keeping fresh foods in a larger and throwing out coffee machine, it is a good idea to opt for a more retro look wherever possible. You can also be clever with appliances; consider a built in microwave or fridge, and opt for a classic stove – or even better – a traditional Aga – over the latest flashy design. Similarly, try and select a deep, butler style sink for that farmhouse feel, rather than a stark, stainless steel shape.

While this may seem expensive, you can actually get that rustic vibe while saving cash – second hand objects have that traditional, countryside vibe, without breaking the bank – you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Avoid a matchy-matchy look

One of the perks of a country kitchen aesthetic is that you don’t have to have everything neat, tidy and perfectly matching – in fact, too much ‘matchy-match’ can ruin the whole vibe. This look is a great excuse to rummage second hand or charity shops, use your creativity, and really put your stamp on the kitchen and design, without worrying about ruining the look. Ultimately, you want to be comfortable and happy, so feel free to go wild and enjoy the things you love – an eclectic look will only add to the charm!

Don’t be afraid of clutter!

There is no need to hide away your items with a country kitchen; in fact, as much as possible should be on display! The goal is for the room to feel personal, warm and welcoming, so go ahead and show off your treasures with total pride.

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