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The word “cashmere” was first used to describe the soft wool that comes from goats which are mainly bred for their tender undercoat. Now, it is more than just wool or fabric. When it comes to home design, cashmere is one of the trending colours. You see it everywhere – Pinterest Boards as well as Instagram feed. People are starting to incorporate it into their kitchens. 

Just like the wool, it is named after, cashmere colour is soft, natural, light, warm, and inviting. Anyone who walks into your kitchen will feel welcomed and comfortable. 

We have compiled a few reasons why cashmere kitchens are the best. Stay with us!


First off, cashmere colours are perfect for small kitchens. It makes them appear bigger than they are. Ordinarily, white kitchens are known for making spaces look larger and add more light to space. But the problem is that most people do not love the idea of having a white kitchen. 

Cashmere which is suited to bring similar results like white kitchens becomes the ideal choice. Not too white and a little bit warmer than cream, the colour complements the style and aesthetic of any kitchen. 

No matter the colour of your kitchen wall, fittings, or features, once cashmere comes into the picture, it adds more depth and rejuvenates the entire space. The colour easily goes with any palette giving your kitchen a fresher and newer look. 

Whether you have a contemporary or traditional kitchen design, the colour of cashmere will look fantastic in it. 

Freedom to replace doors and units

The freedom to opt for an entire set of kitchen units or just go for the replacement kitchen doors is one of the reasons why a lot of homeowners go for cashmere kitchen. The doors available are versatile enough to fit into any cabinet.

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However, if your current cabinets or cupboards are already wearing out, you can get a full set of cashmere kitchen units. But if your kitchen is still in perfect condition, replacing just the doors is always an option. 

Aside from being a cheaper option, much work will not be needed to set up your kitchen, saving you more time and energy.

On the other hand, cashmere gloss kitchen doors will make your kitchen look completely revamped. These doors have a reflective finish that usually bounces light around the room, creating a mirror effect. Your kitchen will appear bigger and brighter.

Perhaps your kitchen looks a bit worn out, but you do not have the budget for a new set of kitchen units, yet you wish to have a shiny and sophisticated kitchen. Cashmere gloss kitchen doors can make that dream a reality. With a minimal budget, you can have your kitchen looking brand new.

Neutral and warm

The cashmere colour is warm and relaxing. When used in a kitchen, it gives a sense of comfort and makes space feel like home while also making it look elegant and sophisticated. 

The neutrality of cashmere makes it the ideal colour for pairing natural materials like wooden cabinets or stone floors. The neutral tone of the colour also means you can add accessories, plants, and other fittings with subtle colours. 

Ready to refurbish your kitchen? Get in touch with us today. Our cashmere kitchens are available in different ranges to complement any kitchen style. 

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